The City is My Monastery

Lent 2020 Book Discussion

During Lent 2020, an online group will discuss the book “The City is My Monastery,” by Richard Carter (with contributions from Samuel Wells and Rowan Williams). An Anglican priest, Carter swapped a life of simplicity with a religious order in the Solomon Islands for parish ministry in one of London’s busiest churches, St Martin-in-the-Fields. Seeing a need for monastic values in the center of the city, he founded the Nazareth Community, whose members gather from everyday life to seek God in contemplation, to replenish stressed lives, to acknowledge their dependence on God’s grace, and to learn to live generously.

Part story, part spiritual meditation, “The City is My Monastery” offers spiritual wisdom for daily life rooted in seven guiding principles: Silence, Service, Scripture, Sacrament, Sharing, Sabbath Time, and Staying.

Saint Martin in the Fields – London, England
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To participate meaningfully in this group during Lent 2020, members will want to acquire a copy of “The City is My Monastery.”  Amazon offers it in a paperback and Kindle version.  Or you might acquire it through your local bookstore or library. 

Each day during Lent, a passage or poem from the book will be posted on a dedicated Facebook group and on our website. The posts will be prompts for group members to share their thoughts, questions, or musings about the offered passage or other related content in the book. The daily posts will rotate in addressing themes from Nazareth Community’s 7 guiding principles: Silence, Service, Scripture, Sacrament, Sharing, Sabbath Time, and Staying.

On Facebook, join the discussion group The City is My Monastery.

Or you may participate on this web blog , where you can subscribe at the bottom of this home page to receive daily posts in your email. 

We hope you will join us in this rewarding experience. Please sign up soon as we’ll start posting some related content the week of Feb. 3, with regular postings from the book launching at the beginning of Lent on Feb. 23.

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